Don’t just teach the speech. The importance of co-articulation and prosody in the treatment of CAS

By Laura Smith|November 3, 2016|Apraxia, apraxia blog, Therapy for apraxia|

Co-articulation.  Prosody. Those are two words you might have seen when researching apraxia.  If you are treating a kid with apraxia or you have a child with apraxia and are not familiar with these terms, you NEED to familiarize yourself with them. To have a diagnosis of apraxia, you need three main criteria: Inconsistent productions with sounds Difficulty with co-articulatory transitions Errors with prosody (stress, intonation, pitch, rate, volume) Recently,

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An open letter to millennial cynicism, indifference or neither?

By Laura Smith|October 4, 2016|Apraxia, apraxia blog, Childhood Apraxia of Speech, Giving Tuesday, Therapy for apraxia, walk for apraxia|

Non-profit. What does that word mean to you exactly?  No really, I have over 300 email subscribers, 1300 fb subscribers,  and….this can’t be right…but according to my statistics I see 10,000 visitors per month.  That’s crazy considering I get maybe 40 likes on a good day on my fb page and a couple comments per month on the blog.  I know SOMEONE is reading this blog though,  so sincerely, I

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Overgeneralization: a caution for clients with CAS

By Laura Smith|July 27, 2016|Apraxia, apraxia blog, global apraxia, Therapy for apraxia|

    Before I knew my daughter Ashlynn had CAS, and before I spent countless hours researching, taking trainings, and becoming an expert in CAS; I was an elementary school SLP.  Like any new SLP, I was relatively inexperienced with CAS.  One year, I transferred schools and a 3rd grade boy with a dx of CAS popped up on my caseload.  Most people, including his mother, still found him very hard

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Dot Articulation book GIVEAWAY

By Laura Smith|May 3, 2016|Apraxia, Apraxia Awareness Day, apraxia blog, Therapy for apraxia|

Keeping up with our giveaways, next up is Dot Articulation from Speech Corner.  I use this book all the time with a variety of  different speech disorders. It’s a great way to get multiple productions in a fun and motivating format.  It has reproducible worksheets targeting 19 frequently articulated sounds, including blends.  For my kids with apraxia,  there are blank sheets in the book for you write in your own

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The Do’s and Don’ts of in-home speech therapy

By Laura Smith|April 15, 2016|Apraxia, Apraxia client stories, Childhood Apraxia of Speech, Speech/Language therapy, Therapy for apraxia|

Being both an SLP AND a mother to a child with a severe speech disorder, I have this unique and sometimes bizarre perspective; that perspective, of course, being that I now intimately understand both sides.  That being said, I think parents/my clients, typically feel more comfortable telling me things parent to parent vs. parent to SLP. As a mother now to a child with apraxia, I have a new appreciation

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Why are SLP’s still using “mouth exercises” for CAS??

By Laura Smith|February 17, 2016|Apraxia, apraxia blog, Therapy for apraxia|

I realized in the entirety of my blog, I have never even once addressed oral motor exercises, aka mouth exercises, or now being touted as oral placement therapy; in the treatment of Childhood Apraxia of Speech.  The “why” is actually very simple.  Massive amounts of research consistently demonstrate they are ineffective in the treatment of speech sound disorders.  In graduate school I had to do a paper on their ineffectiveness

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