As a mom and as a practicing SLP, I love my iPad. ¬†Parents are always interested in what applications parents or SLP’s would recommend, or what apps are out there to help with speech. ¬†I think app reviews are perfect because they allow a small peek into the app and parents and SLP’s can decide for themselves if they think it would help their child or client.

VowelViz Schools

NACD home speech therapist apraxia


Speech Stickers App Review


Articulate it! from Smarty Ears

Articulation Station App Review

Speech FlipBook App Review


  1. I’ve taken a look around your site and LOVE what I’ve read so far. It’s very informative and a great learning and research tool of a real life example. Just curious as to what you think about ABC mouse? Just downloaded for my son… 3 in April.. not yet diagnosed, but the signs for CAS are all there… He’s improving tremendously so our SLP doesn’t want to jump to diagnose, though we’re treating for apraxia. Also, do you have any insight on where I can find other bloggers/mommies who are living a life involving CAS?

    Thanks so much!!

  2. Hi Tessa,
    Thanks for the feedback! My daughter wasn’t into ABC mouse so I don’t use it personally; however, I know a lot of parents who reproted their kids loved it.
    As far as blogs that talk about kiddos with apraxia I follow:,, and this blog with a child who has both autism and apraxia:

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