Resiliency: A letter to my child

By Laura Smith|February 22, 2018|advice, Pain, Resiliency|0 comments

Sometimes in life, or maybe many times, you will feel like life has backed you into a corner. You will feel at times like giving up. You might listen to a little voice inside your head telling you lies. You will know they are lies when they say anything except how you have greatness within you.

Going off script, overcoming her language disorder

By Laura Smith|February 9, 2018|Uncategorized|0 comments

Two years ago I wrote a post called, “Speaking in scripts with a story in her eyes.”  The point of the post was to describe how Ashlynn who was in Kindergarten at the time was speaking in sentences, and her apraxic component of her speech was resolving (meaning she had all of her speech sounds and could articulate them in the correct order), but the language processing disorder that accompanied

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