The Hulk and Rousey on struggling to speak.

By Laura Smith|August 18, 2017|#knockoutapraxia, apraxia blog, apraxia walk, Childhood Apraxia of Speech|

During an episode of “Battle of the Network Stars” Lou Ferrigno and Ronda Rousey shared a touching exchange about their childhood disorders and how it made them stronger. Ferrigno, best known as the Incredible Hulk, inquired into famed MMA star Ronda Rousey’s life.  He questioned about the fire she had inside of her and wanted to know where the first flame was stoked. In an incredibly honest moment, Ronda tells him that she grew up

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Her fight, our fight: The day we met Ronda Rousey

By Laura Smith|June 1, 2015|#knockoutapraxia, Apraxia, apraxia blog, Childhood Apraxia of Speech|

It started with an intriguing title: Ronda Rousey: The World’s Most Dangerous Woman, and then a picture of a James Bond beauty type. …   Now, I normally wouldn’t click on stuff like this, but today I had a day off, the kids weren’t fighting, and I thought, okay…sure.  Let’s see.  A beautiful James Bond girl is the most dangerous woman in the world?  Sure.  Let’s read about this. And then

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