Apraxia would have destroyed me

By Laura Smith|March 19, 2017|#knockoutapraxia, Apraxia, apraxia blog, Childhood Apraxia of Speech, developmental coordination disorder, dyspraxia, language disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder, special needs, special needs parenting, specific language impairment|

I often think about what would have happened had it been me who had apraxia, dyspraxia, SPD, dysarthria, and a learning disability when I was young.  It’s pointless I know, but I was/am a perfectionist.  That’s not a good thing.  I learned early I was really good at spelling, reading and writing, but math I had to work for.  I won a math award in 3rd grade and I looked

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The Gift, Grandma, and more lessons in emotional intelligence

By Laura Smith|December 17, 2016|Apraxia, apraxia blog, Childhood Apraxia of Speech, special needs parenting|

Ashlynn has always given us “papers” with her scribbles on them.  She constantly surrounds herself with papers and pens.  As impressed as I am with her always working hard, the paper obsession drives me mad.  I have papers all around my house!  They are treasures to her though, and you never want to refuse a gift from a child. Ashlynn has a Great Grandma Green who visits periodically and stays

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Anxiety as a special needs parent feels like…..

By Laura Smith|October 23, 2016|Apraxia, apraxia blog, Childhood Apraxia of Speech|

Anxiety as a special needs parent of Childhood Apraxia of Speech feels like…… It’s my fault. Endless intrusive thoughts wondering what caused it, and despite coming up empty, still feeling like somehow it must have been something you did. I’m not doing enough. Despite working tirelessly and endlessly for your child, you will continue to see her struggle, and it feels like you have missed something; and the enormity of

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My head gets messed up sometimes

By Laura Smith|September 12, 2016|Apraxia, apraxia blog, Childhood Apraxia of Speech|

This is what Ashlynn has said to me twice today.  It’s rather timely since I just wrote about a post about letting our kids know they have apraxia so they have a name for the problems they experience. Ashlynn (I thought) has known she has apraxia, but I realized I said it a lot when we were still just trying to get her words out and her sounds right, but

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