Apraxia expert and guest speaker posts

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Don’t Just Teach the Speech, as featured on ASHAsphere

Apraxia Awareness Day: 10 Tips on Giving Kids with CAS a voice

Interview with Sharon Gretz, Executive director and founder of apraxia-kids
Q & A with Sharon Gretz

Interview with Dr. Ruth Stoeckel on DTTC: An evidence based Treatment Approach in Childhood Apraxia of Speech.
Q & A with Dr. Ruth Stoeckel

Ten Early Signs and Symptoms of Childhood Apraxia of Speech, as featured on ASHAsphere

Interview with Merry from http://aacabc.blogspot.com/.  Using Assistive and Augmentative Communication with young children exhibiting CAS
Q & A with Merry

Interview with Tonya from Therapy Fun Zone.  Gross and fine motor apraxia.
Ask an Occupational Therapist

Interview with Christie from MamaOT: Co-occurring disorders: Sensory Processing Disorder
Part 1
Part 2


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