Ashlynn update 3:10

By Laura Smith|September 11, 2013|Apraxia, Childhood Apraxia of Speech|

Ashlynn said her first compound sentence yesterday. It took me so much by surprise that I almost ruined it by interrupting her. I picked her up from school asking the usual questions and getting the usual answers,     “How was school?”     “Good.” (Dood)      “What did you do?”     “Play” (pay)      “Who did you play with?”     “PLAY!!” she says impatiently.      “I know, but

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“You say it best, when you say nothing at all.”

By Laura Smith|September 8, 2013|Apraxia, Childhood Apraxia of Speech|

Today I took Ashlynn to one of my BFF’s bridal shower.  There weren’t going to be any other kids there, but Ashlynn is so good around a group.  When I think of people who have charisma, I think of great speakers and people gifted with words.  The Martin Luther King’s and the John F Kennedy’s of the world.  But Ashlynn makes me realize charismatic people don’t need to speak.  There

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Brain plasticity changes in children receiving PROMPT therapy for children with idiopathic apraxia of speech!

By Laura Smith|August 27, 2013|Apraxia|

A research article in Brain Topography: A Journal of Cerebral and Dynamics, has a published a new study that demonstrates actual brain plasticity in the brains of children diagnosed with idiopathic apraxia of speech after undergoing intense PROMPT training.  According to the article, it’s the first study of it’s kind to demonstrate “experience dependent structural plasticity in children receiving therapy for speech sound disorders. I’ve been waiting for this kind

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Lessons from a tricycle

By Laura Smith|August 25, 2013|Apraxia, Childhood Apraxia of Speech|

We bought a tricycle for Ashlynn three months before her third birthday. My husband and I took her to Toys R Us, excited, full of hope and expectation. I had seen two-year old children on Facebook gleefully riding their trikes with big goofy smiles on their faces, and I couldn’t WAIT to snap that happy gleeful face on my little girl. Pregnant with my son, we all left the store

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Nine year old Katie with apraxia sings “Brave” and dedicates it to Ashlynn :)

By Laura Smith|August 16, 2013|Childhood Apraxia of Speech|

CASANA has a parent support group on facebook called APRAXIA-KIDS – Every Child Deserves a Voice.  If you have a child with apraxia, I highly recommend joining this group. Sharon Gretz, the founder of CASANA, is an active member, but there are also other SLP’s, advocates, educators, and of course parents who care about these little ones.I recently vented to the group about my sadness over the park incident, but

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Ashlynn update 3.10 years

By Laura Smith|August 10, 2013|Apraxia, Childhood Apraxia of Speech|

Ashlynn is in a regular preschool this year with about 15 other kids.  Most are typical with about six on IEP’s.  I asked the SLP if she was talking at all in the classroom, and she looked at me like I was crazy and then answered “yes?”  I presumed it meant she was surprised that I didn’t think Ashlynn was!  In the Spring, Ashlynn was still gesturing and pointing in

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