An open letter to millennial cynicism, indifference or neither?

By Laura Smith|October 4, 2016|Apraxia, apraxia blog, Childhood Apraxia of Speech, Giving Tuesday, Therapy for apraxia, walk for apraxia|

Non-profit. What does that word mean to you exactly?  No really, I have over 300 email subscribers, 1300 fb subscribers,  and….this can’t be right…but according to my statistics I see 10,000 visitors per month.  That’s crazy considering I get maybe 40 likes on a good day on my fb page and a couple comments per month on the blog.  I know SOMEONE is reading this blog though,  so sincerely, I

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An open letter to siblings. Always be there for each other.

By Laura Smith|September 27, 2016|Apraxia, apraxia blog, apraxia walk, Childhood Apraxia of Speech, siblings, walk for apraxia|

Jace, not only have you had an EXCELLENT and continued start to the school year, I am so proud of you for your behavior at this year’s apraxia walk.  I know it’s not easy to see Ashlynn get a medal for apraxia, and you don’t understand why.  Not yet anyway.  Either way though, you stick by her side, held the sign during the walk, and supported her the best way

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What does one say when giving a speech at an apraxia walk?

By Laura Smith|September 25, 2016|Apraxia, apraxia blog, apraxia walk, walk for apraxia|

Being a walk coordinator, you have one job that is a must.  You must give the speech and hand out the medals.  I mean, I guess you don’t have to, but typically this responsibility falls on you.  I like to write, and I also took speech and debate all through school, so these two things don’t make me nervous.  Someone asked me if I cry when giving the speech, and

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Why would anyone CHOOSE to coordinate a walk.

By Laura Smith|September 16, 2016|Apraxia, apraxia blog, apraxia walk, Childhood Apraxia of Speech, walk for apraxia|

I am the current walk coordinator for the Denver Walk for Apraxia of Speech, benefiting the Childhood Apraxia of Speech Association of North America. Before I was walk coordinator, I was merely a first year participant who had signed my family up to walk for my daughter Ashlynn.  I remember signing up at the very last minute right before the T-shirt deadline.  I did this, despite knowing about it for

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Denver Walker Spotlight: Team Kellan

By Laura Smith|June 8, 2016|Apraxia, apraxia blog, walk for apraxia|

I Walk for apraxia for my son Kellan and for all of the other precious kiddos that battle apraxia alongside of Kellan. I want Kellan to be able to receive all of the crucial services and therapy he needs in order to be successful, and by walking for Apraxia, I can help other children in need receive those services too. I Walk because I want to help educate others and

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