The Rise

By Laura Smith|March 9, 2017|Apraxia, Apraxia Awareness Day, apraxia blog, Childhood Apraxia of Speech, developmental coordination disorder, dyspraxia, language disorder, specific language impairment, Uncategorized|

I have Ashlynn on a new game plan.  We had to take a break from her private speech because of unforseen financial issues in our life, but now we are back and better than ever. She’ll be seeing her awesome private SLP again on Tuesdays (who just happens to be my mentor, friend, and speech mom), and then Wednesdays we have insurance finally paying for 20 sessions, which is not

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Our kids need to meet others just like them.

By Laura Smith|May 15, 2016|Apraxia, Apraxia Awareness Day, apraxia blog, Apraxia client stories, apraxia walk, Childhood Apraxia of Speech|

This 4th Annual Apraxia Awareness day (it was trending, did you hear?), I organized a fundraiser at a local Chipotle to benefit the Walk for Childhood Apraxia of Speech.  I have a HUGE goal of 30K.  The walk last year made 16K, so basically I set this goal to double that. I’m probably crazy, but I set that goal with good reason.  That number ensures a visit for a free

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GIVEAWAY!! Apraxia Picture Sound Cards app!

By Laura Smith|May 14, 2016|Apraxia, Apraxia Awareness Day, Childhood Apraxia of Speech|

Have you heard?  Today is #ApraxiaAwareness Day and we are trending on Facebook! To celebrate, Lynn Carahaly, creator of the Speech EZ program for apraxia agreed to offer THREE copies of her Apraxia Picture Sound Cards App!  The giveaway starts today and winners will be announced May 29th, 2016! Enter below for a chance to win! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here’s How to Treat Childhood Apraxia of Speech

By Laura Smith|May 14, 2016|Apraxia, Apraxia Awareness Day, Childhood Apraxia of Speech, Uncategorized|

Have you heard?  It’s #ApraxiaAwareness Day and #Apraxia is trending! In honor of all of the festivities, Margaret D Fish, author of “Here’s How to Treat Apraxia of Speech” is offering a free copy of her book to one lucky winner!   Enter today and the winner will be announced next Saturday! *Note: This giveaway is now closed* Enter below!  Good luck!   a Rafflecopter giveaway

Why I’m angry and even more passionate as we approach the 4th annual Apraxia Awareness Day.

By Laura Smith|May 10, 2016|Apraxia, Apraxia Awareness Day, apraxia blog, Apraxia client stories|

I love Apraxia Awareness Day, ever since I celebrated my first one when Ashlynn was new to the dx.  It’s always a time of excitement, renewed hope and resolve, support, and community who comes together filling up facebook and my newsfeed with their apraxia fighters. I’ve been honest and open about telling my own early experience with apraxia, which wasn’t much.  I’ve been the first one to admit I barely

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Giveaway!! Customized apraxia necklace from handmadelovestories

By Laura Smith|May 4, 2016|Apraxia, Apraxia Awareness Day, apraxia blog|

I saw this necklace on another blog and I loved it.  When it was time to get a gift for my daughter’s SLP, I went to this shop on etsy and customized the perfect piece! Melissa from HandMadeLoveStories agreed to donate one to my raffle to support apraxia awareness day! Enter below and if you are chosen, you can tell me what you would like it to say and I

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