Speech Stickers App review and Giveaway!

By Laura Smith|May 2, 2017|app review, Apraxia, Apraxia Awareness Day, Speech Sticker app giveaway|

Next up in the May Giveaways to celebrate Apraxia Awareness Day May 14th is an app I literally use every week called Speech Stickers.  Carol Fast, the creator, is awesome, and she’s always updating this app with more sounds and combinations. Speech Stickers is the first app that I downloaded for Ashlynn (my daughter with apraxia) when she had first turned three.  I chose it because it was cheap, and

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Outloud Timer app Review and giveaway

By Laura Smith|December 5, 2016|app review, Apraxia, apraxia blog|

Timers can be a useful way to manage behavior, promote task completion, or as a way to motivate the child.  Digital clocks and timers are great and convenient, but they aren’t teaching kids an understanding of the passage of time, and are more abstract. Outloud Timer is different.  You have the option to set the timer to either seconds or minutes and then set the time. A penguin appears and

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