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What does “smart” mean anyway?

By Laura Smith|July 5, 2017|Uncategorized|

Today was a day I have been dreading.  It was a perfectly normal day.  My 7 year old with apraxia and my 4 year old without apraxia were waiting with me outside my office for one of my clients’ mom to come and watch them. Jace apparently had struck up conversation with another tenant.  She was so tickled by him she had to come out and tell me their conversation.  Jace

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and then…there were words!!

By Laura Smith|June 12, 2017|Apraxia, apraxia blog, Apraxia client stories|

Almost 1 year ago today, I met a three year old who walked into my office with his mother.  He had been receiving speech therapy since he was in early intervention. He had also been receiving private speech therapy from another office. Despite having no other co-morbid issues, he only had four words: Mama, O, Daddy, More. This child was probably one of the best and most adept mimes I

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She speaks for herself this 5th Apraxia Awareness Day.

By Laura Smith|May 14, 2017|Apraxia, Apraxia Awareness Day, apraxia blog, Uncategorized|

I remember being in 1st or 2nd grade, the age Ashlynn is now.  I was always struggling to fit in. There was a girl in our class who had special needs.  I remember she wore this heavy, pink, furry coat and she talked with slurred speech.  She would sit outside, even on the hottest of days in that coat.  Usually, she was by herself.  I don’t remember how it came

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A Gift of Speech Printables Giveaway!

By Laura Smith|May 5, 2017|Apraxia, Apraxia Awareness Day, Speech/Language therapy, Therapy for apraxia|

Today I’m featuring A Gift of Speech’s Shannon Archer!  Included in this bundle will be THREE separate activities you can print out and start using! Interactive Multisyllabic Words! Minimal to No Prep Activities in color and black & white! Practice multisyllabic words with multi-modalities: visual, auditory, tactile, verbal, and FUN! Activity include 23 pages of interactive activities to practice multi-syllabic words! This activity was created to help work on multisyllabic

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Anything but Silent book review

By Laura Smith|May 5, 2017|Anything but Silent review and giveaway, Apraxia, Apraxia Awareness Day|

I’m continuing on with giveaways leading up to Apraxia Awareness Day on May 14th! Today I am reviewing the book ANYTHING BUT SILENT by Kathy and Kate Hennessy.  Kathy Hennessy is the mother to Kate who has pure CAS and another son Andy who has global apraxia and SPD.  Kathy is also the educational director at CASANA! The book rotates chapters from Kathy’s point of view to Kate’s point of

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