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My name is Laura Baskall Smith, and I am currently a certified speech/language pathologist (SLP) in the greater Denver Metro Area.  I received my bachelor degree in Communication Disorders at Metro State University, and my master’s degree in speech/language pathology at the University of Northern Colorado.  I currently hold the Clinical Certificate of Competence from the American Speech/Language and Hearing Association, a DORA license from the state of Colorado; as well as my Colorado Department of Education license.

I have been providing speech therapy for 12 years and have worked with a variety of speech and language disorders in the school and private sectors.

I am passionate about working with children with Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) following my own daughter’s diagnosis in 2012.  I’m an active member with the Childhood Apraxia of Speech Association of North America  (CASANA), and am the walk coordinator for the Denver Walk for Childhood Apraxia of Speech.  I have obtained advanced certifications that include CASANA certified for advanced training and clinical expertise in Childhood Apraxia of Speech along with being PROMPT trained.

I am currently one of the admin to the public facebook group: Ronda Rousey: #knockoutapraxia following my encounter with her in May 2015.  I’m admin to a private facebook group that is exclusively for SLP’s who also are mothers to children with CAS.

In addition to working in the schools, I have my own part-time private practice A Mile Speech Therapy, in which I exclusively treat children diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech.  To schedule a consultation, evaluation, or therapeutic services, please contact me at:



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  1. Abby Milano says:

    I just read the article you wrote, The Problem with School SLP’s. I have worked in all settings in our field with targeting pediatrics within the last 8 years. I made the transition to schools 1 1/2 years ago. I feel like working in the outpatient essentially made me a stronger SLP in the school district. I do miss the direct interaction with adults and “ownership” from parents in the outpatient setting but I know the students in my district really need me. Thank you so much for writing that amazing article. I really needed to read it and put into words how I feel many days and to keep me going!

    1. Laura Smith says:

      Thank you for commenting Abby. Keep up the good work! We need our school SLP’s!

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