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I started this blog in 2012, shortly after my daughter’s diagnosis of apraxia when she was just under three. Since that time, she has made tremendous growth.  She speaks, she speaks clearly, and she can tell me about her day. She can tell me when people are mean to her, what her teacher said that was funny, and what she had for lunch.  These were all things she couldn’t do and I worried she would never be able to do when she was first diagnosed.

We’ve added more diagnoses through the years including a language disorder, dyspraxia, ADHD, dysarthria, and this year….dyslexia.

In spite of all of these challenges, watching my now 8 year old daughter wake up each morning and attack the day with happiness, kindness, bravery, and a resilience that is unmatched inspired me to do the same.  I always think, I have NONE of her issues….what’s my excuse?

This blog/website has grown with an average of 300 visitors daily.  Whether you are a professional, parent, or just someone who cares, thank you so much for following along and being part of my desire to spread apraxia awareness in the hopes of helping every child with apraxia to achieve intelligible speech.

Here is the Top Ten Countdown to my most read posts of 2017.  Cheers to 2018!

10. As children walk to find their voice, local news outlets stay silent.

“I have to say I want to give up sometimes.  It seems like no one is going to care and sometimes the fight just doesn’t seem worth it anymore.  But then I look at these smiling faces who never give up, and like the song says, I need to get up again to see what’s next.”

9. It feels like home this year: Apraxia Conference 2017

“Have you ever stopped to think, and then believe, that one person, ONE, could change the life of hundreds; if not thousands, if not millions of others?”

8. Whatever it takes: A day on the brink.

“She’s finally in bed. I have the song “Whatever it takes” on again.  Tomorrow is a new day.”

7. It’s like juggling 8 balls and desperately hoping one doesn’t roll away. 

“Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to just worry about the speech, or just worry about the motor skills, or just worry about homework or just worry about executive functioning, or just worry about language processing.”

6. It’s rare so no one cares? Prevalence of CAS.

“Would it surprise you then if I told you the prevalence rates for Down Syndrome are 1-2 children in every 1000 births.  Sound familiar?  Maybe that’s just because I just wrote that figure for CAS.”

5. “She’s a puzzle” or…she has dyspraxia.

“I don’t want professionals to tell me she’s a puzzle.  I don’t want to know that she’s so unusual that her very being challenged your knowledge, or that you are confused by her.”

4. No, not another diagnosis.  Adding dyslexia to apraxia. 

“In that moment, my dear readers, I had the same gut feeling I had when that SLP told me back when Ashlynn was 2:11 “Laura this is apraxia.”

3. The Hulk and Rousey on struggling to speak.

“Everyone is handicapped either physically, mentally, or emotionally.  It’s all about maximizing what you have.  As a kid I had trouble speaking.  It’s all about overcoming adversity.”

2. Apraxia, special ed, and grad school.  One woman’s remarkable tale.

“Whatever you accomplish in life will be perfect, as long as you keep loving yourself for who you are.”

1. The Problem with School SLP’s

“They cannot “refer out” or “discharge for lack of progress” as an can be done in private speech. No, the school SLP is expected to figure it out regardless of the lack of resources, lack of funding, or lack of time.”

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