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By Laura Smith|May 5, 2017|Apraxia, Apraxia Awareness Day, Speech/Language therapy, Therapy for apraxia|

Today I’m featuring A Gift of Speech’s Shannon Archer!  Included in this bundle will be THREE separate activities you can print out and start using!

Interactive Multisyllabic Words! Minimal to No Prep Activities in color and black & white! Practice multisyllabic words with multi-modalities: visual, auditory, tactile, verbal, and FUN!

Activity include 23 pages of interactive activities to practice multi-syllabic words!

This activity was created to help work on multisyllabic words in an interactive way. There are 3 and 4 syllable words included in this practice. This activity includes:

1. 20 interactive pages 10 in color and 10 in black & white. There are 24 different multisyllabic words in these pages (3 and 4 syllables). The activity was designed to use backward chaining or syllable build up. Thus the syllable divisions might look different. This is to account for the coarticulation in the words.
2. 2 color pages with images and syllable support dot with the words.
3. 2 different crowns to cut, color, and practice with.
4. Circle interactive cut, color, and fold pages (which includes 6 multi-syllabic words).

The One Stop Articulation activity for s-blends includes activities for practicing s-blends. We start with a target page including 10 words for each blend sound (sk, sl, sm, sn, sp, st, sw). Then there are 3 activity pages for each blend. There is an overlay to support movement from the s to the following consonant blend sound as well as coarticulation and increasing the length of utterance. This activity include no-prep and minimal prep activities for articulation practice.



Expanding Utterances was created to help with building utterances (MLU). This is perfect for working with individuals with CAS, articulation disorders, or expressive language disorders. This activity combines a subject, verb, article/preposition, and object to create phrases and sentences. You can start with “bunny”, “a bunny”, “see a bunny”, “I see a bunny”, and then to “The girls saw the bunny”.

The subjects include pronouns and basic subjects. The verbs include 8 basic verbs in present, present progressive, past, and future tenses (look for more verbs coming soon). There is a set of 3 articles and 12 alternative words (prepositions and some prepositions with articles). The Keep Talking 1 comes with 23 cvcv words, 40 multisyllabic words (CVCVCV and CVCVCVCV), 38 plural multisyllabic words, and 16 trochee words. The parts of speech are color coded (modified Fitzgerald key) for additional cueing. Also included are blank color coded cards so that you can make your own words. I use this system with the created object cards as well as mas produced articulation card sets. There are full color and find and color activities to add some fun.




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