Denver Walker Spotlight: Team Kellan

By Laura Smith|June 8, 2016|Apraxia, apraxia blog, walk for apraxia|

I Walk for apraxia for my son Kellan and for all of the other precious kiddos that battle apraxia alongside of Kellan. I want Kellan to be able to receive all of the crucial services and therapy he needs in order to be successful, and by walking for Apraxia, I can help other children in need receive those services too. I Walk because I want to help educate others and encourage understanding in the community and in our lives of what this disorder really is and what it really means for these children. I want to build a community for my son and for the other children that is open minded and understanding of differences.


I Walk because I want Kellan to see that he is not alone and that others are going through the same things that he deals with daily! I want him to know that he is loved and supported by his friends and family and that he is so special to us. We are so proud of his hard work.

I’m looking forward to meeting other families that walk in our shoes and know our struggles! It will be a fun day! Sometimes I struggle with anxiety in new situations or new play dates worrying about how it will go for my son and if people will accept our situation. I hope to make connections with others going through this. It’s so great to have a support system. I know Kellan would love to find friends that understand him in more ways than one. I’m also looking forward to having Kellan feel special and loved among all the support that day! He deserves to be celebrated. It is my experience that people don’t understand apraxia of speech and all the aspects of life that it affects. They don’t even know what it is. I had never heard of it before our diagnosis either.

If I could encourage others to be apart of this Walk, I would tell them that not only will it help build a community of love and acceptance, but it helps to bring such a feeling of belonging to these kiddos. By walking, you help to give all of these kiddos access to so many needed services. So please walk and be apart of this journey with us. Spread the love and the awareness! It’s all for these amazing kids… And to help give them a voice.

Find a walk and in your area here and register today!


Me with Kellan on Apraxia Awareness Day

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